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an embedded ui toolkit

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Welcome to libaroma - an embedded ui toolkit

libaroma is lightweight, cross platform, and robust embedded ui toolkit. Targeted for one application per device type development, light enough to build statically and runs on minimum hardware and environment like on Android Recovery, or in minimalist linux inside Raspberry PI. libaroma also able to run on QNX Neutrino with help of graphic framework and /dev/kbd input device.

libaroma is wrote from scratch to support not only for already know AROMA Filemanager and AROMA Installer, it use the same concept but new architecture and bundled as library. Goals is to make an engine separate from application for easier development of both application and library, also to make it possible and easely developing new application that need minimalist but reach of features ui without any need of huge libraries like: (X server, GTK, SDL, etc).

You can clone,fork,contribute the libaroma and start your own application with it.

$ git clone

Authors and Contributors

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